Health & Wellness

Our Mission Is

To engage the community of St. Andrew the Apostle to educate and promote the understanding of health, wellness and faith and their close relationship. To work with the ministries in our faith community to form a cohesive, well-organized and effective outreach to our members.

Our Vision Is

To act as a resource to educate, to comfort, and to support the whole person, to be effective, efficient and supportive of each other as well as the community; to build a strong volunteer staff.

Prayer for Health & Wellness

Oh God whose great arms embrace all the children of the world,
Allow us to be the embodiment of your love and your care.
We give thanks for all who are in full health and good strength.
We reach out to those on a path of suffering and illness, with our
Bodies, minds and spirits intertwined in Your loving care.
May they find the fire of Your love in their pain.
May they trust that from this sickness, sorrow or fear
They will find you guiding them toward new sources
Of HOPE, of CARE, of HEALING, and of JOY.

— by Sarah Kelzenberg

Steering Committee

Steering Committee members are:

  • Mike Mancuso, Chair
  • Judy Barber
  • Bob Bauer
  • Beverly Bauer
  • Sarah Kelzenberg
  • Megan Miks
  • Susan Zeck, RN

Contact Us

For more information or if you would like to volunteer, please contact Florence Slattery at 480-899-1990 x135.