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January 26 Weekly Reflection

01-26-2020Weekly Reflection

Children: When we do something wrong, do our parents tell us to say we are sorry? Yes! That is what Jesus tells us this week. When we are naughty, we say that we are sorry to those we hurt; and when we turn away from God's love, we say we are sorry to Him and ask for forgiveness. Each time we apologize to our parents for hurting them, they take us back and love us still - this is the same with God!


January 19 Weekly Reflection

01-19-2020Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: John the Baptist attests to the truth he has seen. Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus is the one to fulfill all of the prophecies. John knows that he must do all he can to tell others of the truth of Jesus and he is unafraid to “testify” that Jesus is the Lord. How can we be more like John the Baptist in this week’s Gospel? Now that we know the truth like John, we are called to “testify that Jesus is the Son of God. Let’s go out and do it!


My New Year's Resolution

01-12-2020Weekly LetterBill Marcotte

So, the tongue is a little member and boasts of great things. How great a forest is set ablaze by a small fire.

James 3:5

As we finish celebrating the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ during this Christmas season, many have begun to make their new year resolutions. I have never been big on new year's resolutions because, to be honest, I often fail at keeping them. But there is one very important resolution that I know I need to make this year and I ask all who are reading this to help me in doing so. It is to refrain from all forms of gossip.


January 12 Weekly Reflection

01-12-2020Weekly Reflection

Adults/Teens: In Jesus had no sin, but we read in theGospel today that He seeks to “fulfill all righteousness”by demonstrating His obedience to God. Jesus takes theweight of all our sins and carries them to the Cross. Hispublic ministry begins here, with John baptizing him inthe Jordan. Although Jesus had no need for Baptism, Hemust take our place, truly enter into the water in orderthat He might ascend out of it. Jesus is pointing us, in HisBaptism, to the Cross in that He takes on all of our sin inorder to restore us to what we are made for. Them as theHeavens open up and God is heard speaking and we seethe Holy Spirit, we have a beautiful Trinitarian experience- a theophany, or visible manifestation of God to us all.


January 5 Weekly Reflection

01-05-2020Weekly Reflection

Children: Spend some time this week with your familytalking about how it must have felt to visit and meetthe infant Jesus. The Magi came to Him and they leftCHANGED, do we have the same reaction when weencounter Christ in the Eucharistic Feast?

Take a moment to reflect on Jesus and His presence in your life. Pray together, aloud, the Our Father.


You are my Family

01-05-2020Weekly LetterFr. Robert Seraph Aliunzi, AJ

In my last article, I rejoiced over the great things that God blessed us with this past year and for which we should be grateful. As we begin this new year, I am grateful to God for you St. Andrew as my beloved family. Even though currently I am away in Uganda with my biological family members, enjoying their love, I am deeply aware of how you have become an intimate part of my life both spiritually, emotionally and materially. During this past four years as your pastor, I have grown to love you more and more as I connected with you during both your happy and sad moments. I have had the joy of baptizing your children, celebrating your marriages and anniversaries. I also had the privilege of sharing in your most trying moments such as during loss of dear ones, illnesses, broken relationships and so forth. For all of these and more, you have become, and you are my family and I am grateful to God.