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Continuing on this Lenten Journey

02-26-2021Weekly LetterBarb Lishko

Dear St. Andrew,

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” It is easy to gloss over this opening line of our second reading from St. Paul to the Romans. Yet, if we take it into our hearts, believe it in our minds, and live with this conviction, we become living witnesses that God is trust-worthy.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” Close your eyes and repeat that to yourself with certitude. Can we believe what St. Paul suggests in this bold statement? Unequivocally, yes!

I for one want to be on Team God. Why? Everything we have heard in Scripture our entire lives, everything the Catholic Church hands on from its founder Jesus Christ, everything echoed through the ages from saints and mystics reminds us that God is for us. He calls us by name, redeemed us, and left us His Body and Blood in the Eucharist. He is present in the Sacraments. It is He who forgives us in confession through the action of the priest freeing us from the shackles of sin.


Reflections as We Begin Lent

02-19-2021Weekly LetterBarb Lishko

“Brothers and sisters: We are ambassadors for Christ, as if God were appealing through us.” (2 Cor 5:20)

We are a couple of days into Lent 2021. Our Scripture readings are packed full of inspiration and reminders of what is important for us to do at this time. St. Paul reminds us that we are all ambassadors of Christ as his followers. What do people learn about Christ through observing us especially when we are asked to give up, take up, give away, pray frequently, mortify, and abstain- all the while being cheerful Christians?


Let Your Light Shine - CDA 2021

02-12-2021Weekly LetterFr. Robert S. Aliunzi, AJ

Dear St. Andrew,

What a difference a year makes, especially when that year was as weird as the one we have just left behind us. Welcome to this still infant year 2021, loaded with all the hopes and opportunities so much needed to propel us to a brighter future.

Last year around this time you were probably sitting in the pews, listening to me give a homily in which I invited you to consider making your usual contributions towards our part of the CDA which we do annually. That was shortly before COVID-19 hit. If many of you can recall, after my homily, I invited you to pick up an intention form, sign your name, and make a gift towards the more than 70 Catholic ministries and programs that our diocese supports through the annual Charity & Development Appeal. Those commitment cards were then collected by the ushers, something we are not able to do this year. Through your contribution, our diocese was able to raise over a million dollars which helped significantly the many families hurt by the pandemic. For your generosity, I am grateful to you and may God bless you for that!


The Lord Has Done It Again!

02-05-2021Weekly LetterFr. Robert S. Aliunzi, AJ

Dear St. Andrew,

WHAT? Well……. amidst the perennial bad news characteristic of this pandemic atmosphere, the Lord continues to bless our parish, St. Andrew, in many wonderful ways. The latest of this blessing came in the form of Deacon Ramon “Chito” Zamora whom Bishop Olmsted has assigned to serve in our parish a few days ago. Deacon “Chito,” as he is commonly known, and his lovely wife Yolanda “Bea” Zamora, have recently relocated from the archdiocese of San Francisco, California. This wonderful couple, whom you will soon fall in love with, when you meet them, bring to our parish so may blessings and talents.