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Continuing on in this Lenten Season

03-26-2021Weekly LetterBard Bishko

Dear St. Andrew,

Greetings to you once again. Father Robert has asked if I would write today for him as he is resting from his recent hospital visit. Please join me in offering a prayer for our Pastor; Heavenly Father, you who make the lame walk and the sick regain their health, we ask you to hear our prayers of intercession on behalf of our Pastor, Fr Robert. Strengthen his body, fill Him with abundant grace, and magnify the benefits of any suffering. You to whom, “nothing is impossible” we implore you, oh Divine Physician, return him to us as our shepherd at St Andrew the Apostle. Amen.

What a mission! I hope by now many of you have had the chance to listen and ponder the words of our mission speaker, Jesse Romero. He has given us permission to leave the talks on our St Andrew facebook page. Take advantage of this. Listen again, and share them.


We Are Made for More

03-19-2021Weekly LetterBarb Lishko

Dear St. Andrew,

Last week I shared with you about spiritual consumerism and the necessity to learn to be receptive to all God wishes to pour out on you. I would like to finish my time writing for Fr. Robert with a few thoughts as we develop this idea of our desire to grasp and provide for ourselves, rather than to receive. Fr. Toups writes, “Because we believe the lie that a life consumed in God means “less” rather than more, we are tempted to believe that we are giving up more than we are receiving.”


Receiving this Lenten Season

03-12-2021Weekly LetterBarb Lishko

Our small faith sharing group has been meeting together for over ten years. It started off as a parish initiative back in the day and was for a period of six weeks. We found that just after that short time we wanted more, so we continued to meet and grow in our faith. We shared our spiritual lives with these people whom we now call friends. We have been there to pray for one another, and cry with each other through unexpected sorrows and sufferings. We have grown in our knowledge of our Catholic faith substantially and continue to grow this lent through the Lenten companion featuring Fr. Mark Toups. I have had a chance over these past couple of weeks to share bits and pieces with you in our Journey Toward Holiness messages. Fr. Toups once again brings up a profound point I would like to share with you. He speaks of consumerism and says, “The more we consume, the more we are conditioned to be a consumer. We become trained in the art of providing for ourselves”


Hearing the Voice of God

03-05-2021Weekly LetterBarb Lishko

"If today you hear his voice harden not your hearts” Ps 95

Seventeen years ago, I was the new youth minister in town. At daily mass, this very Psalm was being proclaimed and I distinctly remember the gentleman behind me saying to his friend, “What do you think that means?” You might be thinking, she has an incredible memory. But alas, it was a local celebrity who said it, which sadly cemented it in my mind. I wanted to turn around and share my thoughts on what the Psalmist may have meant, but I dared not acknowledge that I had overheard his query, not alone interrupt his Mass.